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Naadyoga (Yoga of Sound) is a highly optimized system of learning and practice created by Sandeep Ranade. Its 7 levels cover every vocal capability that will help you create nuanced and powerful emotion effortlessly in any genre of music. Naadyoga compresses 10+ hours of practice time in 1 hour. This unique online course squeezes in 20+ years of experience and will transform you from a seed of potential to a universe of possibilities in a less than a year with one hour of practice a day.

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When faced with the prospect of doing 10+ hours of daily vocal practice as is 'recommended' alongside study, software development and teaching, Sandeep Ranade decided to research the most optimal way of practicing vocal music with complete coverage of all vocal capabilities.

For nearly two decades, Sandeep has been studying the human voice, vocal anatomy, principles of practice, theory of learning, neurology, combinatorics, aesthetics, graph theory, set theory, discrete mathematics, computer engineering, software testing principles, etc. and has created a new systematic method of vocal practice ('Sadhana') which is complete and efficient, taking only one hour while covering 10+ hours worth of content.

Sandeep decided to name this system of practice 'Naadyoga' (yoga for the voice). He has been teaching Naadyoga to students worldwide for over a decade and half now.


Advantages of Naadyoga

10+ hours of riyaaz optimized down to 1 hour a day, without loss of quality or coverage, using combinatorics, aesthetics, graph theory, set theory, discrete mathematics, computer engineering, software testing principles, etc.
Solid Foundation
Covers all aspects of Tantra (Technique), Shastra (Science), Vidya (Content) and Kala (Art). Builds a foundation to allow execution of any phrase that the mind conceptualizes - perfectly, spontaneously, every time.
Complete Coverage
Every fundamental building block is systematically practiced - Timbre, Resonance, Breath control, Swar Accuracy, Meend, Taans, Harkats, Wajan, Emphasis, Volume modulation, Expression, etc.
Maximize Progress
Uses learning theory and neuroscience to minimize time and energy for best learning and pushing the envelope safely, steadily and breaking out of plateaus.
For All
Can be learnt irrespective of style (light or classical), instrument (voice, violin, sarangi, etc), Gharana, expertise or age.
Naadyoga exercises are designed to create new neurons and neural pathways and to strengthen existing ones. Each exercise has several levels of effects - physical, mental and musical, improving concentration and mindfulness.
Safe and Rejuvenating
Extends Range, Agility, Speed, Power, Stamina safely and can also reverse vocal damage in many cases.
Evolving Endlessly
Experimentation, learning and experience spanning hundreds of Naadyoga practitioners is fed back into Naadyoga.

What students of Naadyoga are saying ...

"For nearly the past 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Sandeep. I’ve grown as his student, while he has grown as a guru, and I’ve been witness to his growth from “Geek Gayak” to “Naadyogi.” This evolution has proved to me that art does not need to merely imitate live, and vice versa. Rather, life and art are inextricably related and hold essential implications for – and reflect – one another.

Naadyoga recognizes this truth in a comprehensive methodology to explore, discover, and personify the universal-, metaphysical-, and inner-naad. Naadyoga is a profound harmony of art and science: Sandeep has incorporated principles in engineering, nutrition, programming, neuroscience, and physiology with insights in mindfulness, aestheticism, and history.

Shastriya sangeet persists in a culture focused on preserving and projecting its old traditions and emerging trends. Sandeep has entered that lauded space where he satisfies such criteria yet expresses an art and practice that is holistically and wholly his own. Sandeep’s music and the practice that defines it, Naadyoga, is founded in the conviction that “natural beauty appeals naturally.”

Then, it is no wonder why Naadyoga has been essential, if not causal, to my growth, in all areas of life. Naadyoga empowers me to find balance, melt my fears away, and ignite my inspiration; all while advancing my musical skills, consciousness, and sense. It’s hard not to imagine musical development as an indirect result of Naadyoga because many of the benefits are deeply felt outside of music.

Our lives are filled with deadlines, duties, and detriments. Yet, we need to be efficient, effective, and exceptional. Naadyoga enriches you with the simplicity, effortlessness, and relaxation needed to succeed from life’s complicated, difficult, and testing moments.

Having been taught by Sandeep for almost 12 years, I’ve learned new raags, bandishes, techniques, ideas, beauty, and more. But the truest lesson is being on a journey to continuously improve."

- Aarshin Karande, LSE Graduate, Media Experience Strategist (Washington, USA)

"It has been my greatest pleasure to learn hindustani classical music from Sandeep Ranade for about a year now. Sandeep imparts a very carefully thought out methodology that compresses years long process of learning classical music into vocal techniques that help one achieve faster progress in months. One has to commit to the methodology through daily practice sessions to see the results. Sandeep readily provides you with guidance and course corrections when he observes a lacking in vocal technique, knowledge or when you ask questions. Sandeep’s passion for music and dedication often takes him beyond what he planned to teach and for a student its all goodness in terms of enhanced learning. His recorded videos help you listen and learn at your own pace and time allowing you to use class time to become review sessions over time. In addition, he is very flexible and enthusiastic in teaching you the classical songs that you want to learn rather than be taught only what is on his plan. This one quality in and if itself is so valuable for aspiring students. His approachable nature and willingness to understand your challenges with tremendous patience is another great quality to call out. I highly recommend passionate aspiring vocalists to uplevel their prowess under the tutelage of Sandeep’s vast knowledge, proficiency, and unique techniques."

-Shreedhar Ganapathy, Director of Engineering, Finance Engines, (California, USA).

"My search for a scientifically backed, comprehensive, efficient and an effective Musical pedagogy ends here. I have found in Naadyoga a well rounded package for a holistic vocal ability and performance skill development. Guru and Endless Evolutionist Sandeep Ranade has packed all of his research, learning and experience spanning three decades into a beautiful jar and handed over to me.

The course is well crafted to cover every skill in Indian classical music while developing the overall voice methodically in tandem to be able to sing any genre. The whole idea of crashing the riyaz duration from 10-12 hrs a day to 1-2 hrs with proven techniques is unprecedented yet effective. With hardly 2 months into the training, I saw my creativity, voice and performance ability improve many notches from where I started. The exercises are brilliantly designed to progressively improve the skills in a way that you feel the difference session to session. The course content being a combination of face to face sessions, video tutorials and voice culture routines make it interesting and engaging.

With the NaadSadhana App launched recently, the course is now an end to end learning experience . Guru Sandeep takes personal ownership in delivering the progress you seek. His vast experience in both Music and technology is a hand in glove combination to bring transformation in the field of music. Every conversation with him is enriching and inspiring. All in all, last 2-3 months have been one of the most special for me since I see this is as moment of change and I am confident that I am in safe hands for guiding my passion to end goal and a beautiful musical journey."

- Rohit Acharya, Senior Manager, P&G, India.

"As many of you know Sandeep Ranade is one of the most incredibly talented vocalists as well as an exceptional teacher of Hindustani classical. Like many in bay area and a growing number of students throughout the world, I am fortunate to be his student.

Though I have been learning from him only for a few months, I have seen tremendous improvement in my sense of "swaras". For the first time in my stint at classical music learning, I feel that I am building a strong foundation.

What differentiates Sandeep from other teachers is his passion and commitment to constantly working on improving the effectiveness of his teaching both in terms of what you get and how much you get for each hour you put into practice.

Another benefit is that you start learning how to create your own practice "taans" based on the guidance he gives - which means that you can practice independently as well. His methodology is appropriately called "naada yoga".

Bottom line is - if you are serious about learning Indian classical, you owe it to yourself to attend and learn from Sandeep Ranade."

- Menon Ramakrishna, Engineer, Author, Entrepreneur (California, USA)

"Although I have formally been studying Hindustani music for over three years now, I have only been learning with Sandeep for a few months. In this time, the amount of positive change that I have seen in my own music has been tremendous.

Two things in particular have helped me enormously; the systematic nature of his approach, which emphasises thinking about vocal performance in terms of its universal fundamentals (resonance, timbre, volume, breath control and the like) and working on isolating and improving each of these aspects in a comprehensive manner; and the highly personal, specific and above all *actionable* feedback he gives for improvement, whether it be with regard to identifying and eliminating old vocal crutches that I've used for years, or mastering completely new techniques (make sure to ask him about Airbender taans...).

Combined with his sense of humor and boundless enthusiasm for pushing his students to step out of their comfort zones, every lesson has been rigorous, exhausting, and above all, exhilarating."

- Vaidya Ganesh Rajagopalan, Software Engineer, Google, New York, US.

"I used to play Sitar previously and started learning Hindustani classical vocal since last three four years. In 2015, a family member in Toronto spoke to me about Sandeep ji. She had attended his concert and was really impressed and suggested that I should learn from him. I saw his YouTube videos and became his fan. I was pleasantly surprised when I called him and he agreed to teach me! It has been only one year since I started learning from him and have a long way to go!

Sandeep ji's sincerity, patience and enthusiasm in teaching is amazing. His Naadyoga helps in learning and listening correctly to make significant progress. It is scientific as well as spiritual and aesthetic. I am slowly but surely learning from his teaching and find improvement in my singing. At each and every step, he is there to encourage. He teaches in a way where the student becomes independent and gets the capability to walk on his/her own. And that's a rare quality of a true Guru.

He has become one of the most cherished Guru, a friend and philosopher for me!I hope he will be there for a long time to guide me on this path of spiritual and aesthetic journey."

- Chitra Desai, Pune, India

"I have been learning Hindustani classical music for a long time and am indebted to each and every one of my Gurus.

Recently I started learning from Sandeep Ranade and I have noticed a huge jump in both my vocal capabilities and my fluidity. All these years my experience of this classical music journey has been that of someone who is constantly chasing after an elusive dream. I have been in awe of my Gurus, rightfully so, and felt like there was some hidden mystery to their abilities that allowed them to produce magic. I believed that, though I was striving very hard, since I did not possesses those abilities what I was producing was limited.Within a few weeks of learning from Sandeep I see that he has helped me unlock that mysterious door and I too now feel like a magician.

Oh,what a joy it has been! Sandeep shares his knowledge freely and is happiest when he witnesses his students expanding both their abilities and understanding of Hindustani music. His profound knowledge of sound theory, voice physiology and classical music has helped him develop 'Naadyoga', a method of Riyaaz, that has led to quantum leaps in my progress. Indeed it is the very fortunate musician who learn under Sandeep Ranade's tutelage!"

- Anu Singh, Family Counsellor, California, US

"I started learning from Sandeepji in 2010 and I have to say that my music has tremendously improved since then. I say music in an overall sense and not just my singing because I understand Hindustani classical music so much better now.

I had learnt classical music for about 6 years while I grew up. I was taught raag with Aaroh Avaroh and pakad/chalan with set bandish vistaar and taan. But here I learnt how to really sing and listen to classical music. Before my music was more about memory and remembering what to sing but here I learnt that classical music is not just about singing but having control over voice, breath, understanding the swaroop of raag, creativity and spontaneity.

The riyaaz style of Naadyoga that he has instilled in me has taken my music to a whole new level and I feel much more confident now singing a difficult taan spontaneously and a complicated raag with relative ease. In a nutshell my perspective of music has changed for the best and I can't thank Sandeepji enough for that. I love him as a person as well. He is a young, flexible, immensely talented and a very approachable guru which is a rare combination for Indian classical music. I find myself extremely lucky to run into this blessed soul who has agreed to guide me in my musical journey."

- Krishnaveni Mellachervu, Senior Application Engineer, ANSYS, Inc. California, US

"I had heard Sandeepji’s magnetic performances on the Internet and was amazed at the ease with which he presented his art.

Being a beginner, I hesitantly approached him to accept me as his student, as I wasn’t sure how a high class performing artiste like Sandeepji would respond.

To my delight, Sandeepji accepted me as his student.

Instantly, I found Sandeepji extremely approachable and patient in correcting some of the elementary mistakes I was making.

As my lessons progressed, I realised that Sandeepji had unpacked the complexities and mysteries of Hindustani classical music and developed a systematic and holistic method in helping students at different stages in their musical journey to learn at their own pace. His teaching methods are empowering, where he presents a toolkit for the students to use as part of the daily saadhna.

I have found Sandeepji extremely friendly, encouraging and his strong sense of humour certainly helps in times when I have found myself helplessly failing in trying to perform a complex taan pattern or even repeating basic swaras.

We are fortunate to have in our midst a realised young musician and guru, ready to share all he has learned and acquired through rigorous sadhanas under the tutelage of legendary gurus. He presents his craft and knowledge in a simple manner that can be understood and followed by any sincere student ."

- Vivek Pande, Senior Architect, IBM, Melbourne, Australia